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Stance & Violin Position
Learn how to stand, sit, and hold the violin. Great form and posture establish the foundation for beautiful playing.

Stance and Violin Position
Feet: shoulder-width apart

Weight: center or shift to left foot

Spine: straight

Shoulders: relaxed and level.

Shoulder Rest & Chin Rest
The distance between your collar bone and chin should be equal to the combined height of shoulder rest, violin, and chin rest.

The violin should stay horizontal by way of the relaxed weight of your head, without support from your left hand.


Left-plated chin rests work better for players with longer arms.

Center-plated chin rests work better for players with shorter arms.


Changing Violin Sizes
Violin size is correct when the child can easily reach around the scroll with a slightly bent arm.

It is better to use a size that is too small rather than one that is too large.


Straight Bow Geometry
Straight Bow Geometry

In the middle of the bow, a square forms between sounding point, shoulder, elbow, and hand.

At the tip, a triangle occurs between shoulder, elbow, and hand.

At the frog, a different triangle appears between shoulder, elbow, and hand.

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