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Learn to play a fast succession of martelé notes in the same bow direction.

Staccato is a sequence of fast martelé strokes in the same bow direction.

3 motions that are available are:

  • Rotation of forearm
  • Tremolo motion in wrist
  • Pinching the bow between index finger and thumb.


Use Kreutzer No. 4 for daily practice.

Start with the metronome set to a comfortable speed, and gradually speed up.


Use Kreutzer No. 4 for daily practice.

Place one beat of rest before starting each staccato run with a solid martelé.

String crossings are similar to legato in that the new string must be approached relatively early.


Master Classes
Find the metronome number for a comfortable speed.

Speed up the metronome to find the fastest speed that works well.

Practice that speed, and try to go faster after one or two weeks.


String crossings in staccato:

Use a gradual arm motion for string crossing on scales. (See Legato Exercises for more information)

Play fast string crossings across several strings as part of last motion.

Start with a clean martelé on the new string.


Violin, Yang Liu

Piano, Ina Ham

Violin, Su Yeon Lee

Piano, Ina Ham

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