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Bow Changes
Learn how to play long uninterrupted legato phrases with really smooth bow changes at the frog and at the tip.

Lift all bow pressure at the moment of change in direction.

At the frog, lower your elbow before the bow change and use your little finger to lift the bow pressure.

At the tip, release all pressure on the index finger.


Lift the bow at the frog - let the string ring, and sneak back onto the string with a down bow.

Shorten the time the bow is in the air.

Don't lift - just release pressure with your index finger.


Vibrate through the bow change.

Release pressure on the index finger in the moment of the bow change.


Continuing a trill can completely hide your bow change.

Review right arm motion from exercise beginner.


Master Classes
Use continuous vibrato.

Execute small bow pressure releases at the frog and tip.


Violin, Ga-Yeon Lee

Piano, Ina Ham

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