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Finger Dropping and Lifting
Learn how to play with clean articulation and with a relaxed left hand!

Finger dropping has two functions:

  • Stop the old vibration
  • Establish the new pitch

Finger lifting has two options:
  • Lift straight up
  • Use left hand pizzicato for more articulation.


Drop and lift your finger very fast.

Speed up your exercises with the metronome.


Drop each fingers fast, relax your left thumb, and speed up with the metronome!


Drop the finger, rapidly release pressure to harmonic.

Drop the finger, release to minimum pressure, keep the sound.

Use pizzicato left hand for articulation.

Speed up exercises with the metronome.


Master Classes
Practice speeding up various rhythms to very high speeds.

This will give you accuracy and tempo control.


Violin, Tessa Lark

Piano, Ina Ham
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